Anyone who has come to this site as a potential of a bengal/savannah/serval kitten buyer, please be aware that I am receiving tons of emails, texts and phone calls every day about cats/kittens. Most people contact me to ask questions that are already answered on the website.  Before contacting me, please read over the website and try to find answers to your questions.


We are a TICA registered cattery.

All our kittens are home raised and well socialized with a lot of love and attention from the start.


We specialize in top quality Bengal/savannah and serval cubs cariing outstanding temperaments, good health and breed to high standards. Good cats aren't inexpensive; you generally get what you pay for!

You can find  kittens priced very low, but in most cases, they won't have the bright colors and vivid marking that you'd see on a prized cat pictured in magazines and websites. They can also have health issues or genetics problems. We test all our cats regularly for any heallth problems(HCM, PK-D, PCR and Pra-b ) and are genetically tested as kitten for "grading".

Our kittens are individually evaluated and priced accordingly. 

A refundable deposit of 100$ is required to be put on a waiting list for a pet quality kitten, and a 200$ for a breeder/show quality kitten. If after 6 months we have not offered you the color, pattern and sex of kitten you are waiting for, we will refund your deposit at your request, or you may stay on the list.


The waiting list deposit secures your place for a kitten fitting your description from the kittens I make available (I may not make all of them available to you, I may hold back any kitten for an unspecified amount of time in order to evaluate kittens).Once I make a kitten available to you, you must answer to either accept or decline my offer of a kitten within a designated time frame (usually 24 hours), or I will move on to the next person on the list.


From time to time I have cats that are above or below the quoted price range.

From time to time I also have adults/retirees available for a nominal adoption fee.


The price of our kitten included:


- Sterilization (sbt pet only)

- TICA and or CCC (Chats canada cats) registration papers

- Vaccination ( see details below)

- Microchip

- Deworm

- Congenital defects warranty (1 year see conditions and exclusions)

- 10 days viral disease warranty (see conditions)

- Starter kit Royal Canin


Holding Fees


500$ deposit non-refundable for a bengal pet

1000$ deposit NON REFUNDABLE for a breeder/show kitten
25% of the price for a savannah or serval


Once a kitten is chosen, you are committed to that kitten!  If you cancel, your holding fees will NOT BE REFUNDED. A change of mind from the buyer can often jeopardize the chance of that kitten to be placed in a forever home while they are still of a desirable age.

If you are committed to a kitten, the holding fees shall  be applied towards the balance owed on the purchase price.


Balance is always due 2 weeks prior to departure of the kitten.

Holding fees payment can be made by money order, paypal (fee must apply), square (fees must apply), or cash.


We reserve to right to refuse sale to any party at any point during the adoption process. If WE cancel the transaction , holding fees will be reimbursed.


Visitors are not allowed into our cattery but we accept visitor at our office and the visit MUST be pre scheduled with us. If you are coming to look at a kitten, please be on time. If you must cancel, I require 24 hours notice. If you are more than 30 minutes late to an appointment without calling or texting me, I will cancel your appointment.  

If you are going to be late, please call me or text me to let me know. All visitors either picking up or coming to look, will be given a one hour time window to be here.


Please respect my home. This is not a pet shop. No wandering into other areas or tours allowed. I have large animals on my property and people wandering around could quickly become a liability for me. Please stay in the areas I show you, or you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back for the safety of all my little protégés.


Note: I will only schedule visits for people who are ready to BUY a kitten. I do not allow visits for people just window shopping. I do not have the time for that. Also, in respect of my privacy, no picture taking or video taping allowed unless you have permission by me.


Handling kittens -


Visitors are no longer allowed to handle any of our kittens. This includes grabbing or picking them up.

Visitors may sit on the floor or the chairs and allow kittens to come to them and they may pet them and play with them and even let them crawl on their lap, but are not allowed to handle them.

The reason is because many visitors walk in the kitten area and immediately try and pick up the kittens and the kitten get afraid because they have not had time to access the safety of the stranger they are encountering.

So the kittens may struggle and get dropped. I cannot count how many times kittens have been dropped on their heads because of this. Also every time this happens, the kittens are more leery about the next "stranger" that arrives. If you sit and let the kittens check you out and come to you, they will be much quicker to come out of their shell.




We do shipping worldwide and we take care of everything (all the requirements  needed from other countries, international health certificates, cites, rabies shots, vaccination, ISO microchip etc…)

Shipping expenses are extra and are NOT included in the quoted prices of your kittens.

Usually shipping in America (Usa/Canada) is around 350$. This is the actual cost for me and includes health certificate from vet and airfare. I do not charge extra for my time. Shipping is via airlines.


Health, warranty and vaccination


Our kittens are guaranteed healthy on arrival. We do require that you have your new kitten checked by your veterinarian within 10 days of arrival. In this first visit to the vet, the buyer must obtain a health certificate from the vet.

The health certificate must be sent to the seller for the health warranty to be effective.


The warranty period is 1 year , from the date of birth of the said kitten. The warranty covers against fatal and life altering congenital diseases.

Neglect or abuse will void ALL guarantee.

And garantee apply only to the sold kitten never to a replacement.