Please read carefully

If you decide to seriously commit by acquiring a baby serval cat, here are the procedures to do so:

* Serval Cats are NOT common cats. They are Felines Therefore we never produce any litters unless a deposit (25% of total price) is required to confirm "customer commitment"

* The initial deposit of 1000.00$ is requested to be placed on the waiting list for Our next litter, which will be applied to the full cost of your serval cat.

* as soon as the litter is born, we will send you a notice to let you know the good news and to request the remaining amount of 1500.00$ to attain the 25% deposit. Then your serval baby will be on hold for you.

*the remaining balance is due upon delivery of the kitten.

For shipped kittens, the balance is to be paid a week prior to shipping date.

*Deposit are non-refundable nor tranferable to another litter. we dont produce litter randomly, we only produce when families are committed to a serval to be born in our next litter.

* the only reason for a reimbursement is in the event that no litter is produced within one year from the date the initial "commitment" deposit has been made.

*Make sure you have done your homework.... and that you are fully aware and knowledgeable of what committing to and caring for a serval cat involved!

This also includes: rights/permits/written authorizations/installation to possess an african Serval born in captivity in accordance with city laws and by laws where the animal will be residing.